Please note that there are many other providers on Providenciales, most of whom may be found in the local telephone book. These below are the ones we generally use and like ourselves.

Grocery IGA Graceway Supermarket, Leeward Highway   » visit website
Liquor IGA Supermarket or Wine Cellar, Leeward Highway   » visit website
Marine Store Walkin Marine, Blue Hills Road, Downtown Tel: (649) 946-4411  
Hair New Waves Hair Salon, Leeward Highway Tel: (649) 946-4826  
Car Rental Scooter Bob, Turtle Cove Marina (Will deliver and pick up) Tel: (649) 946-4684  
Pizza take out Pizza Pizza, Cinema Plaza, Leeward Highway Tel: (649) 232-1068  
Hardware Do It Centre, Leeward Highway    
Packages and letters Fedex, Leeward Highway Tel: (649) 946-4682 » visit website
Medical Associated Medical Practices, Medical Building,
Leeward Highway
Tel: (649) 946-4242 » visit website
Dentist Medical Building, Leeward highway Tel: (649) 946-4321 » visit website
Airlines Provo International Airport Tel: (649) 941-5670 » visit website
Bookstore Unicorn Books, Leeward Highway, by IGA Tel: (649) 941-5458  
Veterinarian Turks and Caicos Veterinary Services, Peggy Lane Tel: (649) 946-4353  
Animal Rescue TCSPCA, Susie Turn, Leeward Highway Tel: (649) 941-8846 » visit website
Fun (Pot Cakeplace) Take a puppy for a walk on the beach Tel:(649) 231-1010 » visit website

Dive Companies located at or near South Side marina    
  Caicos Adventures (649) 941-3346 » visit website
  Provo Turtle Divers (649) 946-4232 » visit website
  Flamingo Divers (649) 946-4193 » visit website
  Aqua TCI (Divers) (649) 432-2782 » visit website

Restaurants and bars

The islands main industry is tourism and there are literally dozens of restaurants and bars to choose from. Most advertise in the enclosed magazine, but here are just a few favorites:

  Bob's Bar and Eats, At South Side Marina. Situated up the driveway overlooking the marina. (on site)    
  Da Conch Shack, Blue Hills Road. Very casual island style on beach Conch and seafood only. Recommended for lunch. (649) 946-8877 » visit website
  Coco Bistro, Grace Bay. Expensive, but for a great night out in a tropical garden setting, can’t be beaten. (649) 946-5369  
(at Turtle Cove Marina waterfront)
meet other "Cruisers" in this delightful marina ambience.  
(649) 946-8200 » visit website
  Magnolia, Susie Turn, Bar and restaurant (pricey). Best evening view over Turtle Cove. (649) 946-4209  
Sports Fishing, Picnics, Day Cruises      
  Sports Fishing Panopoly (649) 432-3566 » visit website
  Luxury Cruises Bonita (on site) (649) 333-6328 » visit website
  Luxury Cruises Calypso (649) 232 3633  

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